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Kennecott Utah Copper is proposing a planned community on 1,444 acres located in Lake Point.  This community will add 4,710 additional projected units/acre.  The proposed Adobe Rock Ranch will be similar to Kennecott’s Daybreak community located in South Jordan, UT.  Daybreak works well in THAT location, but adding this type of development in an already established community is not conducive to the rural, small town currently appreciated by local residents.  The existing one-acre homesites, as well as factoring in the ONE entrance into Tooele Valley, will be greatly impacted by the 9,420 projected cars added to an already congested roadway.

Tooele County schools are already overcrowded.  As of Oct. 1, 2018 Stansbury High School was 142% of the school’s ideal capacity, while Tooele High School’s enrollment was at 137% of its ideal capacity.  We all know how long it takes for a new school to be built.  Currently, there are NO schools located in Lake Point, and no plans for the next 5 years.


Our current infrastructure (water, sewer) cannot accommodate this large development.

It’s a simple decision, do we want 4,710 more homes if they are allowed to rezone?  Or 1,063 homes if YOU vote against rezoning?

Days Left To Educate and understand


Here's How You Can Help

The 2020 election could be the most important vote you ever cast.  Vote against rezoning and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same  Your quality of life in Tooele County is being degraded by unchecked growth.  Your signatures on the referendums in the fall of 2018 proved that the citizens of Tooele County want responsible growth.  Vote against rezoning and inspire others to stand up for what they believe in and embrace their fundamental freedom.

Your donation can help preserve our beautiful community.

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