Who We Are

Meet the

We were sponsors of the referendum to get the rezone of Adobe Rock Ranch on the 2020 ballot.  Our volunteers made the referendums available to Tooele County citizens during the fall of 2018.

You might recognize some of us from sitting on corners, parking lots, and roadways gathering signatures.  Our goal was, and is, to maintain our quality rural lifestyle by emphasizing responsible growth.

Why We Do What We Do

We cannot get back the open space one the land has been rezoned.  This development not only effects Lake Point, but all surrounding communities:  Stansbury Park, Erda, Grantsville, and Tooele.  Anyone driving SR36 is effected by high density housing developments.

The Problem – The County wants to sell Tooele to big land developers, who want to overturn existing codes designed to preserve our rural way of life.  Tooele County has proven time and again that it is unable/unwilling to develop critical infrastructure at the same rate as population growth:  overcrowded schools, I80 access limited to SR36, water, etc.

The Solution – Vote against Prop 2, and vote for new officials who represent the interests of the taxpayers of Tooele County.

Your donation can help preserve our beautiful community.

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