How your time and energy helps

As Referendum signature gatherers we donated our time and energy to get the information out to Tooele County residents.  By sitting on corners, in parking lots, and wherever we were allowed, we were able to provide the information needed to make an educated decision on the referendum.  Those signing the referendum wanted to let the county commissioners know they were not happy with the decisions they were making on our behalf.   As a volunteer, you will be representing a dedicated group of citizens who believe any growth in the county needs to be responsible growth.  What is “responsible growth?”

-Responsible growth preserves the sense of community that makes this a valued place to live (e.g., open spaces, pedestrian and bike friendly transit corridors)
-Responsible growth strives for concurrency of a new development and the infrastructure necessary to support it (e.g., transportation, water supply, schools)
-Responsible growth consistently supports the spirit and letter of the ordinances and regulations designed to protect the core values of our citizens (e.g., environmental protection, affordable housing, open spaces)
-Responsible growth ensures a planning process that is transparent, deliberative and informed by the timely input of citizens and neighborhoods.

Positions Needed

We need a person who is responsible and can help with providing various kinds of administrative assistance duties to help the organizers. 

Volunteers needed to help call calling lists of voters and talking to them about voting against Prop 2

Volunteers needed to help hold campaign signs during voting season on various state roads and highways.

Volunteers needed to help pick up groups of people and transport them out to various points throughout the county to hold campaign signs. Other duties may include transporting voters to various voting locations.

What do I need to volunteer?

How do I become a volunteer?

Complete the Volunteer Request form by clicking the Volunteer Here tab below.  Thank you for joining us in our efforts.

Your donation can help preserve our beautiful community.

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